Summatime Fine

Aloha bby’s,

Pom poms are in style and I am HERE for it! I fucking love pom poms, dude. Nothing says summer quite like some short shorts and a white top, so hell, why not! I most definitely LOVED this look (I swear I say that every post, but it’s just cause I really do love them haha). BTW these vintage shorts are prolly the best purchase I’ve made this entire summer. I’ve been wearing them non stop… no shame. Hey, if it’s good, I ain’t trying to fix it. FullSizeRender (17)


Okay ladies, it’s officially hotter than Hades up in this bitch. If you’re hot, you don’t have to wear pants to hide your legs and/or cellulite. I repeat: YOU CAN WEAR SOME FUCKING SHORTS OR A DRESS OR A SKIRT OR SOME DAMN PANTIES OUT IN PUBLIC FOR ALL I CARE (Although, wearing underwear to the grocery store is ill advised). Oh, how could I forget cardigans and jackets too, drop those. You don’t have to cover up your body in 100+ degree heat because you feel like you shouldn’t be seen. Girl, let your legs breathe; trust me when I say that no one is bothered by you in some cute shorts and a tank top. Be comfortable, baby. It’s too damn hot to not be.




Alright, my favorite part of the day is here; let’s talk sis.

Baby girl, respect is just a minimum. I pray that we learn to uphold ourselves with a level of respect that we want to be treated with. Respect your body. Respect your mind. Respect your spirit and your heart. Respect yourself!

So when I say respect your body, try not to look in the mirror and say some disrespectful shit to yourself. Ex: “I hate my body”, “I hate my fat stomach”, “I wish I had her body”, “I wish I was enough, I’ll never be enough”, “I wish he still loved me”, “I’d be so happy if I was skinnier..”. Try to respect yourself, exactly as you are. Please! Say some nice things to yourself. Treat yourself with the same respect you’d treat your grandma with! (Dead ass serious, my grandma is my favorite person on this planet).

Respect your mind and spirit too. If you’re in a situation or hanging out with in a social crowd that has you feelin’ some type of way, respect yourself enough to walk away. Know that leaving those said situation’s, ending shit relationships and cutting off toxic people are completely and utterly OKAY. Putting your metal state first, is 14920392% okay! So if you are the person that I am, I am an extremely empathetic individual (Disclaimer: It might not seem like it, but I am and sometimes I wish I wasn’t). Sometimes if my friends are telling me about a certain situation they’re in or about something that has happened, I tend to take those emotions with me. I take on other peoples problems when I have no business doing that to myself. None whatsoever. I have had to eliminate so many people from my life due to the fact that they’re world was all about their drama, all the time. That wasn’t healthy for me. It wasn’t healthy for my mental state and I knew I had to dismiss.

Respect yourself enough to leave dead, toxic relationships. I am a firm believer that God brings people into your life for a pure, intentional purpose. You gain something from every relationship and every interaction (yes, this includes the good and the bad). So sis, if you know you’re no longer growing or advancing with someone in your life, it’s okay to go separate ways. It’s okay to bounce when the relationship your in is no longer challenging your growth. Be selfish (Yes, I said it). Be selfish, not in the superficial way but in an emotional way. You can’t pour into others with an empty cup. Beware of the ones who will drink from your glass and fail to refill it.

So in the wise words of Mama RuPaul, if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon love somebody else.

Top: Forever 21+ 
Shorts: Aduella (on Etsy) 
Shoes: Marshals

 Stay Bright, Baby Girl 


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