Be Winning.

Hey y’all,

Here we are with yet another, fashion blog post. Attention! This is how a bad bitch makes a blog post. You b***hes can’t even spell blog post. (Dead ass joking guys, where Nicki Minaj) What I’m not joking about is how I’m out here, lookin’ like a snack in this sexy little number. If you know me, you know I will ALWAYS choose casual over dressy. Every. Single. Time. See me on the street and I’m in leggings and sneakers, but there is something so fun about dressing up every once and a while. This look right here was so fun, flirty and sexy.



You know when you have a really good makeup day, and you just need to share it with the world so you end up with like 2926897 selfies, 15 Snapchat concerts, 10 minute long IG stories and can be found casually wandering the grocery store, knowing damn well you don’t need no groceries. Yeah…. That was me in this outfit. No shame in my game! I felt sooooo fabulous in this!



To my big girls (yes, everyone is included in this but let me talk to my plus size women real quick), it is really important to allow yourself to feel sexy and confident. Post those selfies. Wear the bodycon dress that’s been steady chillin’ in your closet. Go to the club and dance your ass off. Allow yourself to embrace all that sexy that you’ve got going on!




On that note: let’s talk C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E (Sing it like the Fifth Harmony song, girl)

Sis, do not let someone tell you that you can’t be confident. Point. Blank. Period. Not because of your size, skin tone, disability nor scars. I think there is a whole lot more that goes into self confidence, beyond your body figure. When people ask “Why are you so confident?” or “I wish I had your confidence, I would wear that if I was more confident.”, I always question why someone would say that in the first place. Because we’ve been taught that you can’t feel confident unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel and if you are confident then your cocky and vain.

Why wouldn’t I be confident? I have a hell of a lot to offer. I’m intelligent, loyal, kind, funny and I’m cute as hell, the list goes on and on. Just because I’m a size 16 doesn’t mean that I should dim my light and diminish my spirit. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t rock the same shit that straight sized people wear. Most of the piece’s I wear help to contribute to my confidence. I love trying on new outfits and challenging myself to reach beyond a flowy black top and an empire waist style. I know that I’m confident and sexy in whatever I wear, whether that be sweat pants or a skin-tight, white dress, simply because I know my confidence doesn’t lie in someone else’s  hands. I decide, not the fuckboy from 2012 or Susie and her mean girl group, or all the stupid ad’s you see on TV.

Do me a favor, write down a list of all the things you love about yourself. Literally everything! Look in the mirror and read them, out loud to yourself. Reassure yourself that you are fabulous and that you are a Queen.



Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21+
Duster: BooHoo
Shoes: Urban OG

Stay Bright, Baby Girl.  


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