Spreading Smiles.

Hey babes,

We are back with yet another classic denim look. Yes, you’ve guessed it. I love denim and the ’90’s, so you best believe I’m taking full advantage of this denim trend (Sue me).

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (16)

This look was super easy to create. I took a long-line denim jacket (mentioned in previous blog post), buttoned it from the middle down and threw it over my shoulders, and voila, off the shoulder denim look created. I am dying to wear this out, but I’m a home body so give me a couple of weeks to get it together.



Challenging myself to create and shoot looks has now stepped out of ‘dark and scary’ and into ‘fun and exciting’. I find that the more and more I put myself out there, the more and more I embrace my confidence and beauty. It’s really remarkable what happens when you learn to confide in who you are, in its entirety.

Alright, if you know me, you know I LIVE in all black everythanggg! Y’all, I’m not even bluffing here; Monday through Friday I wear the same get up to work, aka a black top and black leggings (I work in a lab and wear a lab coat 24/7, don’t judge me lol). So I had a ton of fun with white jeans for once. Yes, they got dirty within two minutes but that’s besides the point.



Topic for today’s real talk: Spreading Smiles.

Let me start off by saying, not everything is peachy perfect and sunshine n’ rainbows. I’ll be real with y’all, I’ve been feeling real low these past couple weeks. Stressed about my future, pressed about my job, worried about shit that I have no control over, and today is the death anniversary of two very special people whom are close to my heart. I’ve been in a shitty mood, negative 24/7 and steady complaining. It ain’t cute. Listen, I let myself feel, but I also have to check myself all the time. I’ve invited negative energy into my space and with the absence of gratitude and positivity, I’m letting that negativity grow and manifest into all areas of my life. It’s toxic. Point. Blank. Period.

So starting with myself, I’m here to say SPREAD SMILES, Y’ALL! I’m working on waking up each morning in a space of gratitude, practicing positive affirmations and complementing myself. I have reached a point where I want nothing but light and positivity surrounding me and to stem from me. Here are some tips on how to spread smiles day-to-day: Smile at others, complement a stranger, tell someone how much you love them and appreciate them, reassure the world that it’s still beautiful and wonderful. Most importantly, spreading smiles starts internally, at the root. Repeat these with me:

I am resilient and I am fully equip with all the tools necessary to live my best life. 

I love myself enough to eliminate anything toxic in my life that may be debilitating my growth. 

I am enough, whole heartily just as I am. I do not need material items to dictate my worth. 

I am worthy of love and all that life has to offer me. I have a purpose that’s greater than me.

I am beautiful and I do not need validation to reassure myself of the light that illuminates from my soul.

I am intelligent and I can conquer the battles I will face. 

I woke up the morning, I am alive, I am breathing, I am living, I am blessed. 

Please don’t allow negativity to block your blessings. Smile, baby girl. Live your best life. We are here for a short amount of time, but we are also here for a minute. So, don’t spend your life drowning and wallowing in negativity when we have a beautiful world at our fingertips. It all starts with you. Make your mark, be the change. If anyone feels like they’re stuck or they’re alone, please reach out to me and I promise I will be here for you!



Jacket: Shop Love Yourz

Jeans: Forever 21 +

Heels: G-Stage

Stay Bright, Baby Girl


5 thoughts on “Spreading Smiles.

  1. I adore the message you are sending here Mik! It’s so encouraging to see you grow as a fashion blogger and tackle it with nothing but confidence and an infectious smile! Adore YOU.


  2. UGH SO PROUD OF YOU BBY GIRL!!! Please keep shining your beautiful light for the world to see. Thank you for inspiring us with fashion and empowerment. Love you!


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