Purposeful on Purpose.

What it do, my baby boo’s

Alright, it’s Sunday, you know what it is.

Today’s post is definitely different from what I have put out in the past. Today we have no fashion or makeup posts, and no extra behavior (I cannot guarantee that I will hold myself to this claim, I repeat, there will most likely be extra behavior) I wanted to get real and authentic with you all as to why I am even here, blogging (writing a damn essay on a Sunday night) in the first place.

So, in my very first blog post I talk about creating this blog because I wanted to get back into the shit that I love to do (which still stands 120% true). Yes, I love dressing up in super cute outfits that make me feel confident. Yes, I love beating my face to the God’s and I love to wear a full face of glam makeup so my highlight is shining up to Jesus Christ, himself. But I don’t blog because of just that, there is a little more depth to this whole entourage.

I blog for the fact that there are individuals who feel like they’re worth is dictated solely by their outer appearance and how others perceive them.

I blog for everyone who grew up thinking that being fat is quite possibly the worse thing that they could be in this world.

I blog because there are women whom still believe that their worth lies in the hands of a man and his opinion of her.

I blog because some girls are starving and harming themselves because they believe that they will finally be accepted and worthy if they just loose 3 more pounds.

I blog because for some strange reason, we are taught to stop loving ourselves and that self care is vain and selfish.

I blog because we live in a culture where a standardized ideal of what a ‘perfect’ woman should look like, is engraved in our heads. Every where we turn we see the same body image fed by social media, magazines, billboards and television, we are taught that if you don’t fit into the cookie cutter mold of perfection, then you’re just not good enough. You need to constantly be on a diet, you need to dye your hair, you need to have a certain body frame, you need be just like everyone else.

The list goes on and on really… If you can’t tell by now, I really strive to build a platform for women empowerment, body positivity and self love (and yes, I’m a feminist).

I don’t blog for the followers, or for the money or hopes of receiving free PR shit. I don’t care about being ‘Instagram famous’ or about how many likes my posts get. I care about the purpose and the outreach. I just want one individual to read my posts, and to feel empowered to be their best self; Whether that be to wear a certain article of clothing, or to love themselves some more, or to feel like they can do something they couldn’t. I just want one person to know that they’re the shit. Point. Blank. Period. That they’re worthy of everything this world has to offer them, that they’re size does not dictate what they can and cannot do in life and does not diminish their self worth; They are enough. That they don’t have to be like anyone else but their authentic self. That they can be successful and they can be loved and they can be admired just by being who they are. That being fat is NOT the worst thing humanly possible. There are plenty of worse things you can be in this world than just being fat, yet fat people are shamed daily because of their BMI?! (I swear if someone comes at me with ‘You’re promoting obesity’, I’m gonna pop off….but I’ll save that for a different day) I want little girls to grow up confident, with massive amounts of self love and a to withhold their self worth to a great value. I want women to know that they can be sexy, confident and fine ass hell without needing to be validated by a man and his sexual desires. I want women to know that you are allowed to put yourself first, you are allowed love yourself more, you are allowed to take care of you before anyone else, you are allowed to remove anything and anyone that floods your space with negativity. I want women to uplift and empower each other to be the best we can be, hand in hand.

I hope that my words, experiences and love can reach the hearts of others.

I just want to make my mark on this world.


Stay Bright, Baby Girl. 


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